• Dance: Sawako Nunotani, Phaedra Pisimisi, Danilo Cardoso
  • Music: Daniela Petry, Contrabass, Tilman Schaal – Trombone, Oliver Prechtl – Piano & Flute
  • Videoartist: Jakob Schmid
  • Regie: Frauke Meyer
  • Technical direction: Michael Belthle


The myth of two opponents: Pan – who plays the simple flute, lives in the forest in a glorious freedom. Apollo – sublime, cultivated, confident of victory – either with a bow and arrow or as a virtuoso player of the lyra.

The story of Pan and Apollo tells two life concepts – which „compete“ against each other.

Come, listen and see:


Steady movement that cannot be impressed by the whirring sub-bass. A rush of speed sometimes in a collective, sometimes in solitude.


The beautiful flute tone – as a counter model.

Wind and string instruments and electronics, brute sounds between minimal, free jazz, modern chamber music and sound art, plus crude beats in surround sound.


2 short films by Jakob Schmid: „Collage C“ shows competitive scenes of people and nature. The flood of images overwhelms and forces the viewer to surrender himself. „base Innere Brücke“ shows the street scene from CONTEST, where passers-by voted emotionally charged on the music of the three oranges.

See and listen more:


07/25.21 Basel | Unternehmen Mitte

feat. „the tongue is an eye“ Paula Sanchez, Cello, Christian Moser, Oud

15h & 17h

07/22.21 Duisburg | Kreativquartier Ruhrort, Dr.-Hammacher-Str. 4-6, 47119

18h & 19:30h

Past dates

30.01.20 20h Münster / Black Box

31.01.20 20h Mülheim an der Ruhr / Makroscope

02.02.20 21h Rostock / Peter Weiss Haus

29.11.19 München / Halle6

19.10.19 Esslingen a.N. / Dieselstrasse

15.& 17. 10.19 Esslingen a.N. / Innere Brücke (Contest – Szene)

08.10.19 Stuttgart / hum – Base (preview)


Kulturamt Esslingen, musikfonds (Entwicklungs – und Probenarbeit), Kulturzentrum Dieselstrasse (Technik & Raum), 5bis9 Bar Esslingen (Technik), Kulturamt Stuttgart (Preview Performance), nrw landesbüro tanz e.v., Landesbüro freie darstellende Künste NRW, Jazzverband BW / Exportförderung (Tour im Januar), HuM-Base (Entwicklung Buzzer – Tool), Kunstdruck – Centraltheater Esslingen / Philipp Falser (Moderation Park – Performance)

CONTEST supercool artwork by Attila Szamosi